va - Fuck Your Head With An Iron Fist

Nasty harsh noise CDR compilation released by Pekka PT (Gelsomina) on his Musically Incorrect Records label in 2006. Tracks by Bizarre Uproar, A Machine Called Orgasm, World Downfall, Squamata, Moke Grotton, Cloama, Halthan, noisecore by Tuho, Slovenian noise band Sist En 343, Gelsomina, Barrikad & MK9 (the artist formerly known as Death Squad), Rulla (aka Tommi Keränen of Testicle Hazard in a rare solo appearance), Halthan, Funeral Mongoloids (aka Pekka PT again), and Watchdog.

va - Fuck Your Head With an Iron Fist