Otomo Yoshihide - Memory Defacement

This is a double LP (with the second disc being single-sided) jointly released on Japan Overseas and F.M.N. Sound Factory in 1997.

The first disc is the sounds dragged from broken vinyl. There are large amounts of space left with only the reassuring clicks and pops of the vinyl to inform you that there is still something going on. Side C is the live realisation of those same ideas and it is astonishing! Recorded in Kobe at the Xebec Hall on June the 14th 1997, Otomo Yoshihide is joined by Sachiko M on samplers. Haco is credited as a producer but it certainly sounds like her voice is in there as well. A revelatory 23 minutes.

Memory Defacement


Anonymous,  4 March 2016 at 21:32  

Please don't stop what you're doing, there's so much beautiful stuff on here, thanks so very much...

Anonymous,  11 March 2016 at 09:17  


Certifiablockhead 1 October 2016 at 17:51  

love it when Yoshihide goes off his rocker...you surely read the project...love it when any composer goes on to use unique strategies for composition...side A on the black lp works ambient absurdly with pure noise and silence, side B is distracting with disturbing bits of popular music but the Live Defacement is the real deal, as Jimmy Carl Black would say...now this is sublime Yoshihide...best to you always...

badgerstump 1 October 2016 at 21:56  

Well said ... and anybody who references The Only Indian Of The Group is fine by me!

Saw Jimmy twice when it was just himself and Eugene Chadbourne (the first one was about 25 years ago ... Jimmy on the drums and Eugene on the banjo ... blew me away!) and again not long before he died. A damn fine gentlemen!

... completely by chance, there is some more Yoshihide coming in a couple of days ...