Workbench - Seeking Stasis 6-10

Workbench is the solo alter ego of Mike Bernstein, who is also 1/4 of Double Leopards and singer/guitarist for psych rock band Religious Knives. "Seeking Stasis 6-10" is a five-cassette box set on Bernstein's own Heavy Tapes, each side containing a synth figure that seems as if it began long before the artist hit "record" and will continue forever after the tape runs out. Most sides are (as the title clearly spells out) nearly motionless texture or a repeating pattern, though tape 4 gets a little wiggly. There's no emotion or drama (like fellow synth fiend Hive Mind) or virtuosic playing (like Thomas Lehn) but neither is the music too precious and austere (like Utah Kawasaki). The sounds are so rich, warm, and intriguing by themselves that they don't need to do much more than exist; variety would only get in the way. My suggestion would be to play each side on repeat and take an analog bubblebath for awhile.

tape 1
tape 2 
tape 3
tape 4
tape 5


Anonymous,  6 October 2014 at 10:32  

Salute! All links are dead:(

blee 6 October 2014 at 22:43  

Phooey, they are "no suched". Cannot download. Thank you for the Hive Mind and John Olson stuff though. I love their work, your work too for that matter.

blee 9 October 2014 at 04:23  

Oh yes! I'm sure re-uploading these 5 files was not super exhilarating. Thank you for doing the drudgery.

blee,  10 October 2014 at 04:33  

I really hate to be a pain in the ass, but here it goes:
tape 5, which would be 10 in the series of 6-10 is not linking correctly for some mundane reason. Could you please re-post this one? I promise to give you a virtual high five. Thank you again, and sorry I have turned into a pesky gnat on this post. I listened to tapes 1 - 8 while applying for bottom rung jobs last night, it seems my professional field has hit a major lull so now I'm in with the regulars. Workbench got me through it though. Tape 8, side A is my favorite, it kind of sounds like the soundtrack to an amazing video game level where you destroy all in your path. Thank you, thank you.

badgerstump 10 October 2014 at 14:57  

Tape 5 definitely works! Probably just traffic getting in your way. Given that you obviously want this, I thought that I would let you know!

blee,  10 October 2014 at 16:20  

Thank you for looking into this. I am now downloading the file via a TOR browser, my other standard browsers all gave me a blank page with no download on this one file. Go figure.