Lidless Eye‎ - Death Perverser

Does a release of only four copies constitute a "release" or just the start of a rumour? Either way, this is a double C30 set "released" on 8EMINIS in 2013 in an edition of four copies. For me, this sits as a single piece and the sides should be listened to consecutively ... it builds and builds all the way through and you start to miss it when it has gone. It's a great way to spend (at the very least) an hour of your life!

Knox Mitchell (for it is he) also records under many other names (you seriously need to check out his work with Andrew Coltrane as 1%er ... genius stuff!) and runs the excellent Green Records And Tapes. If you don't know GRT, you should just buy whatever is put out quite frankly ... it never misses a step!

Death Perverser


Anonymous,  28 October 2014 at 12:08  

too abstract for me

Certifiablockhead 26 February 2015 at 17:18  

dear badgerstump...thanks for another great turn on...