Charles Hayward - Escape From Europe (Live In Japan Volume One)

Again released on Locus Solus in 1997. This is largely Charles drumming and singing which is a marvelous thing. It also features Charles with Akira Toyonaga, Makoto Nomura, Kohei Amano and Noriya Maekawa.

Although his history is extensive, Charles Hayward may be best known to some as a member of This Heat. In a timely fashion, Mr Zchivago has posted a shitload of related items ... go straight for the Deceit LP ...

This Heat shrugged off the confines of the (post) punk scene (as if they would have ever been influenced or cared) and created things that had never been heard before to rightly become one of the greatest bands ever.

Mr Hayward is a complete genius. He is one of the finest drummers ever and his singing voice compares. Political with a dry sense of humour and I love him to bits. I was lucky enough to see a spellbinding set of his a few years ago and I completely recommend the three live excursions presented here!

Escape From Europe (Live In Japan Volume One)


Jonny Zchivago 4 October 2014 at 13:30  

Hey, nice one. Can't get enough of this geezer. Two more to come you say?
Thanks for the shout out too.
Jay Zee

Certifiablockhead 13 February 2015 at 01:52  

took your cue...I'm on now...thanks pal...