The Cherry Point - Night Of The Bloody Tapes

CD released on Troniks in 2005.

You may have guessed that we adore Phil Blankenship! His work as Lefthandeddecision and his collaborations with John Wiese as LHD are equally important. As if that wasn't enough, he gave us one of the greatest labels to have existed in our little sub-underground universe. All Hail Troniks!

I have exhausted The Cherry Point's joint releases the I can post. You can still find collaborations with Yellow Swans, Oscillating Innards and Howard Stelzer for sale in either physical or digital forms. If anybody has rips of the ones which I don't have then I would be hysterically happy if you shared!

This seems like a natural endpoint: "Contains material originally from the long deleted split tapes with Ahlzagailzehguh, Black Sand Desert, Luasa Raelon, Nkondi, Andy Ortmann, Pedestrian Deposit, The Rita, and more."

All Hail Phil Blankenship!

Night Of The Bloody Tapes