Plagal Grind - st

The only release by this New Zealand band, which included Peter Jefferies (This Kind of Punishment), Robbie Muir, Dave Mitchell (The 3Ds) and Alaistair Galbraith (The Rip, A Handful of Dust, Lame & Sorry). A rare and highly sought-after platter of messy garage fuzz that appeared on Bruce Russell's Xpressway label in 1990 and currently commands some silly prices. Plagal Grind is pretty much the Platonic ideal of NZ indie rock, and neatly sums up the Xpressway aesthetic in just a handful of killer songs. 

Plagal Grind - st


Anonymous,  25 April 2014 at 08:01  

lived there most my life and never found a copy of this record, thanks.

Anonymous,  27 April 2014 at 17:37  

that's ok