Gaze Campaign - Gestalt Bruise

First release from the mysterious Lust Vessel label, which issues cassettes of seriously blasted electronics by Japanese bands (or are they all the same band? the same person? who knows?) whose noise all has in common a crushingly hopeless atmosphere. On the one hand, Lust Vessel tapes pay homage to the usual/obvious 1980's instigators of the genre with black and white photocopy artwork that immediately (and I assume knowingly) recalls "tape culture" of a certain vintage/lineage ( Ramleh & Broken FlagMBGrey WolvesNew Blockaders) ... but there's more happening on these tapes than mere reference to other music. What could it be? What, precisely, is being said? It's hard to say. The art suggests violence, sex, and pain (par for the PE course), but goes about it in an obtuse sort of way. I'm actually not sure what it all means. What we're left with are fascinating sounds, distant crushing factory noise, muffled military machinery, deep throbs of synthesizer gut-massage, unrelentingly oppressive ambience... it all seems intentionally, invigoratingly confusing.

This tape by Gaze Campaign (the people/person behind Lust Vessel? Maybe?) came with an oversized booklet that Mr. Inside helpfully scanned for me... and for you! The tracks were difficult to break up, so I left the sides as one track each. Like it or lump it.

Gaze Campaign - Gestalt Bruise


Anonymous,  3 April 2014 at 16:20  

nmot bad

Anonymous,  18 November 2016 at 20:50  

Thanks for this. Hail Lust Vessel.