Eugene Chadbourne - Country Music of Southeastern Australia

Eugene Chadbourne: The Antidote To Popular Culture!

This was the first vinyl release on RRRecords way back in 1984. It was re-released as CD by Entropy Stereo Recordings in 1997. This featured an extra 20 minutes of live medley mangling from Eugene's 1983 Australian tour alongside Jon Rose, David Moss, Jim Denley and Rik Rue. This a rip of the CD version.

Quite simply, this is fantastic and fucked up and never ceases to make me laugh out loud and dance like an educationally challenged farmer.

Country Music


Anonymous,  8 April 2014 at 12:04  

i saw eugene live more than 15 years ago
at the mimi festival
in the south of france
near the italian borderline.

Lighter Fluid,  12 April 2014 at 11:19  

I happen to live in Southeastern Australia. Apart from Chadbourne, there's no escaping these cunts. I think I've seen Jim Denley a dozen or so times without intending to, he just happens to be there.
He's good in the right company, which is certainly exemplified here.

Also, Northeastern or Western Australia is all bogans, nothing of worth comes from bogans.