MSBR - The Final Harsh Work No. 2

MSBR, the noise alter ego of the late Koji Tano, was never known for being particularly lighthearted. But how else is one to understand the series of tapes released as "the final harsh work"? The mere existence of a #2 makes the title funny (how "final" was the first one?), but Tano eventually made 22 "final harsh works" before that evil bastard cancer took him from the world far too soon.

This tape was released in an edition of 50 numbered copies by the legendary Spite label, and shows a side of MSBR that is not appreciated nearly enough: epic, outer-space synth psychedelia! Harsh? Nah. This music is spacious and warm, expanding outward. If ugliness is what you expect from a noise tape, you will be disappointed. By its conclusion, "Final Harsh Work No.2" is positively soaring!

MSBR - The Final Harsh Work No. 2


Anonymous,  27 February 2014 at 16:29