MSBR ‎– Final Harsh Work #1

You will have already have figured out that this is the first (erm...) Final Harsh Work. This is a C56 released on Yasushi Tahara's Robotomy Tapes in 1996 in an edition of 50. Yasushi Tahara also recorded as RoboChanMan and several other projects that will no doubt remained unheard by us.

The truth (whatever that may be) behind the Final Harsh Works is undoubtedly lost to us since Koji Tano left us. There were seven singular releases that I know about. I have #7, #18 and #22 and have never seen numbers 4 and 5. A lot of the others were parts of other MSBR releases and splits. For instance, number 30 was released as part of Denshi Zatsuon's reworked version of the Structured Suicide tape in 2003. I have the original tape but not the reworked version.

Enjoy it and remember the man responsible for the great things that he gave to us.

Final Harsh Work #1