Ättestupa - Att Korsa Den Flod Som Kommer Dränka Oss Alla

C38 released on Abisko in 2009. There were 165 handnumbered copies but it was rightfully given a second edition. I'm not sure how many that came in.

Ättestupa is Dan Johansson, Jesper Canell and Viktor Ottosson and these releases demand repeated listening. There is no easy way to describe their work. Every time I listen to them I get more and more. Shamanic neo-folk, crumbling wall noise heard from a distance, martial drums, murky dark ambient drones? You should spend some time with them and make your own mind up.

Between 2008 and 2010 Ättestupa releases were fairly regular and then nothing for ages. I thought that there was nothing more to come.

That is until they released the Musik För Tomma Rum LP on Viktor's Järtecknet label last year. It's a great album and adds more twists ... there are parts that are so slow-motion Swans that I am constantly expecting Michael Gira to sing his heart out! You should check it out!

Att Korsa Den Flod Som Kommer Dränka Oss Alla


Anonymous,  2 February 2014 at 18:39  

i didn't know them
and i was a fool!
total masterpiece!
(all three ones)

Anonymous,  2 February 2014 at 23:40  

perfect soundtrack for my inner cinema