Zelphabet - Volume H

Zelphabet is a brilliantly conceived label/series from GX Jupitter-Larsen (Haters). It brings together noise artists for each letter of the alphabet.

Check out the beauty on offer here or email gx@zelphabet.com with any questions.

On this one you get: a live TNB tribute from Halalchemists (Dean Glaister and Pete Burn of R.Y.N. and Goathanger, Lee Stokoe of Culver and Michael Gillham of Smell & Quim, Snotnosed and Nihilist Assault Group amongst many others); 28 minutes of Hanatarash; a suitably discrete 10 second blast of The Haters; and a 25 minute opus from Howard Stelzer who runs Intransitive Recordings. Yep, quality!

This is also my way of saying that the Hanatarash post is back up (apart from the video...which I'll do tonight).

All together now: "This is how it feels to be City, this is how it feels to be small. You bought Phil Jones, we bought Kun Agüero. Kun Agüero. Kun Agüero