Flea Market / 1958 (bonus disc)

For the first time in the blog's (so-called) history, somebody stepped up and said "yeah, I've got that...here it is"

And Lo! From this moment forward, let him be called THE STONE COLD CERTIFIABLE GENIUS ™

Obviously, this is the bonus cdr that came with the initial 25 copies of the title release posted below.

As is the same for both discs...

Sound sources:

Bargain Basement: short wave radio, police scanner, field recordings, dishwasher, contact microphones, guitar, synthesizer, sheet metal, power tools, sampler, effects processor, tape manipulations, circuit bending, toys, pipes, video tape rewinder.

Wilt: tapes, elektroniks, samples, found objects.

Happy Days!


Josef Z. 9 May 2012 at 22:30  

Nice! Many thanks to the very kind person who shared this gem!