Black Leather Jesus - Smacked Red

This CDr was released on the Austrian Steinklang Industries label in 2010. Go and visit them, see if this is still available, have a look what else there is, spend more than you can afford, tell the bailiffs it's my fault.

On this occasion, the ever revolving BLJ line up is Mr. Ramirez, (fellow Texan and long-term collaborater) Sean Matzus, Vance Osborne (what is it with Texas? ... who records with Sean as the great In The Land Of Archers), Kevin Novak (erm...yeah Texas...long-term BLJ bloke) and Scott Houston (who comes from Housten...yeah, that's in Texas).

Why has the land of the Butthole Surfers got the rep of being such a redneck state? Texas really is the home of subversive!

Smack Me!