Sacher-Pelz‎ - Mutation For A Continuity

This is a four CD set on Marquis Records from 2001. It brings together four cassettes that were released between 1979 and 1980.

Well to say that they were "released" is a gross exaggeration. They were created and given to friends. Thank you Marquis Records!

Sacher-Pelz‎ is the starting point for Maurizio Bianchi. He is, of course, a legendary figure within European (and world) experimental music.

Now I'm thinking about it...the term "experimental music" kind of winds me up...experiments have an implicit hypothetico-deductive error factor. It is not an experiment, it the expansion of art...the refusal of boundaries. Experimental is the term given by people who struggle to understand. The term "experimental" is the cosy little pigeonhole that such people create so they have a non-threatening space that they can "place" things into...and then ignore...but pull out now and again on a namecheck to prove how "hip" they are. Yeah brother! I need a lie down...

It's Maurizio Bianchi. In case you need to know more...this is from discogs (saves me time so that I can upload the next lovely things):

"Before starting the complex and compelling production of many records and tapes in the early eighties under the M.B. trademark, Maurizio Bianchi was documenting the new music scene writing essays and reviews for independent magazines. It was August 1979 in Milan, Italy and his sound was strengthening when he felt the time had come to prove his desire for something new. So he started his first solo project, under the name Sacher-Pelz. He assembled a concrete equipment -- the endurance of M.B. had started. During the following few months four C60 magnetic tapes were created 'Cainus' (August/September 1979), 'Venus' (October/November 1979), 'Cease to Exist' (December 1979/January 1980) and 'Velours' (February/March 1980), a couple of copies for friends, never getting an official distribution. Surely a very private moment but still the first and only production at that time in Italy to go beyond the TG movement, the direct reference."

"Pure art for crime people"

Disc 1 - Cainus

Disc 2 - Venus

Disc 3 - Cease To Exist

Disc 4 - Velours


elmer68 27 May 2012 at 22:17  

Thank you so much fo this. Your comments about so-called experimental music are priceless!

badgerstump 28 May 2012 at 16:27  

...a rare moment of lucidity...


icepick method 28 May 2012 at 18:29  

Yea i have a problem with distinctions between "experimental", avantgarde, and improv. Most of the time it's just bullshit improv with little vision, no deliberate composition.

badgerstump 28 May 2012 at 19:10  

there are very few people that i have admired.

one of them is John Peel. he once said that there are only two types of music. good music and bad music.

nuff said

people should leave the holes to the pigeons

Joe 1 June 2012 at 06:14  

This rules, thanks for the upload!

Is it just on my end or are there some pretty prominent digital artifacts through-out this?

Justin 24 April 2013 at 00:09  

Thanx for posting, always on the hunt for something new to me.