Reynols - Jaz Ronco Japi Javas

Argentinian experimental band that began in 1993 as the Burt Reynols Ensemble. Apparently, the bandit wasn't too keen on that so they changed their name to Reynols in 1996 following legal action. Since then the work of the band has been based around improvisation, drones and deep experimental research, incorporating diverse acoustic & electric instruments, tapes and electronics. The group is led by Miguel Tomasín, an amazing musician who has Down´s Syndrome. The band´s forays into musical experimentation are guided by the immense freedom of Tomasín´s mind, giving a challenging and unique character to the project. The line-up is completed by Christian Dergarabedian, Robeto Conlazo & Anla Courtis. Anla has since gone on to make some sublime music in his own right.

These three cdrs were released during 2002 on Valuba Mafiforo.

Requested from the shoutbox...more will follow!

Jaz Ronco Japi Javas, Vol. 1

Jaz Ronco Japi Javas, Vol. 2

Jaz Ronco Japi Javas, Vol. 3


Anonymous,  15 October 2011 at 12:22  

thanks for that post.
i didn't even know that they
existed but those guys are pretty cool!

Anonymous,  18 October 2011 at 17:11  

I read about these guys in Bananafish years ago but never heard thing. This is weird, wild stuff that feel partilly tutored and partially totally wigged out. Thanks for posting.