Various - The "You'll Hate This Record" Record

To paraphrase The Mothers Of Invention ... rev. b's brown shorts do make it.

LP released on The Only Label In The World in 1983.

life's a ball ... TV tonight


rev.b 11 March 2023 at 00:36  

Glad I prepared! Much appreciated. i still love this record. Why wouldn't ya?

Anonymous,  12 March 2023 at 11:23  

Having G.G. Allin be followed by a song titled "Rock Against Racism/Smash the Nazis" feels like it was very intentional

Anonymous,  12 March 2023 at 17:32  

on the contrary,
i love it! :-D

Anonymous,  16 March 2023 at 05:25  

what happened to the Psychodrama guys?