va - Garbage Sandwich

Absolute classic 1992 double cassette compilation from Beast 666 Tapes (later 777 Was 666) with cover art by Trevor Brown and tracks by Masonna, Incapacitants, Hijokaidan, Jojo Hiroshige, Masomania (that's Masonna + Solmania if you're too dim to have worked that out on your own), Grey Wolves, Smog (yes, Bill Callahan!), Con-Dom, Smegma, John Murphy, Schloss Tegal and lots of Yamatsuka Eye one-offs with funny names. 

va - Garbage Sandwich


Anonymous,  19 October 2020 at 13:11  

Smog? WTF...

Anonymous,  19 October 2020 at 17:42  

Great compilation!!! Thanks you!!!❊

Anonymous,  25 October 2020 at 21:52  

The Grey Wolves, Masonna, The Gerogerigegege, Smog and GG Allin on the same tape set. Modernity peaked here. Let's go back into the caves.