Taint - Misogynist Lust

On a more serious note, we lost Keith Brewer late last year. I didn't want to mark it at the time but maybe he'd think that it's an appropriate time to raise a beer!

A C48 courtesy of Taint Entertainment that came in an edition of twenty eight in one nine nine eight.

fuck cancer


Lawren 31 October 2020 at 19:04  


Thank you very much for this...if my memory serves I sent you e-mail about Keith dead...fuck

It is a great memory of amazing person like Keith

RIP, dear friend...

Deadthyme 10 November 2020 at 20:26  

I used to hang out with Keith some in '91 when I lived in Waco going to TSTI and he worked at the car wash. Pretty cool guy- we traded vhs exploitation and gore tapes. I still have a few of his old 'zines A Taste of Bile and Break*Neck (his metal 'zine he did before ATOB).
Thanks for posting...