Gender Sabotage - Mr. Trump As Filth Pig

So you know the off-shore concentration camp where people were kept illegally and tortured with "Enter Sandman" on a 24/7 basis to destroy their will?

Irresective of that, I have to admit that anything played by that vanity shitbox should be illegal anyway ... but, finally, here's the payback!

The world doesn't have too long left and we can't rely on nearly more than half of the people in a couple of places in (frankly) the middle of nowhere who can be arsed to vote in the first place determine all of our futures. Apparently it's a mature and sophisticated democracy ... etc etc ... but c'mon WTF, enough is enough!

So here's the plan ... if you are in the proximity of the White House or Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson or anybody who thinks that a global pandemic is a conspiracy ... then play this into their faces at maximum volume. Constantly. Then do it again. Soon everything will become slightly less shit than it is now and we can search thesauruses for heart-warming equivalents for "aspiration" and "hope". Then we can settle back and accept that there is no hope and aspiration is a capitalist illusion.

Of course, this is the work of Richard Ramirez. He is clearly well ahead of the work of the FBI and published the live action photos quite some time ago. This is an eight CDr boxset that he released on his own Room 2A label in 2014 and it came in an edition of 10. Richard still has one for sale and I asked him and he said I could post mine. That's because he is "just" a really nice human being.

Anyway ...

and the psychopath cried “pee pee pee!”

all the way to jail


Plague 20 October 2020 at 23:21  

I'm just gonna play this into my own face.
Over and over again

sebekulten 22 October 2020 at 10:29  

one of the best Bleak Bliss write-ups in a while. Immaculate like the uncompromising stance of HNW.

Anonymous,  23 October 2020 at 23:02  

all hail richard ramirez!