Tori Kudo - Early Tapes

This isn't on Discogs so don't bother. It sounds like some of the tracks on the first side are taken from a number of live events. The first track is a rather tentative but enjoyable ragtime piano piece followed by an introduction (?) and then a trio of piano, double bass and drums with some smokey lounge jazz. The second side is all Guys & Dolls and are probably demo recordings. Given that the vast majority of the evidence of Guys & Dolls existence is via this label's bootlegging, everything is welcome.

This is a C30 that was inevitably released on La Musica Records. I can't quite make out the catalogue number in the very poor quality pictures I've seen. Mind you, catalogue numbers never seemed to bother Nanjo much. My best guess is 1996 but the recordings are likely to range from mid to late 70s to very early 80s.

Early Tapes


Anonymous,  26 October 2019 at 19:03  

all hail tori kudo!!!