Mainliner - La Musica Tapes Vol. 2

"A compilation of releases previously put on on cassette by La Musica. Tracks 1-5 were originally on "Psychedelic Atmosphere Beatnik" and all but the last track are live recordings, tracks 6-8 were originally on "Kamikaze" which was originally planned to be the second Mainliner album."

This is the line-up of the band that had Tatsuya Yoshida on drums.

CDr released by Makoto Kawabata on the Acid Mothers Temple label in 2013.

La Musica Tapes Vol. 2


Anonymous,  26 October 2019 at 05:02  

Amazing! The lineup with Yoshida is def my favorite. Psychedelic Polyhedron is one of my favorite Kawabata albums ever.

GRK. 26 October 2019 at 12:25  

Thanks for this latest batch.