Laura Maes - Czela

As a format, the business card CDR is one of my very favorites. For starters, biz-card CDRs are adorable. And also, you don't get very much time on them (five minutes?), so it's like one side of a 7" record that you never have to flip over. Belgian artist Laura Maes never recorded very much; just a couple of business-card CDRs (both for MSBR Records), a collaborative track with eco-industrial band Militia on one side of a 7", one track (as Strona Starza) on a compilation, a collaborative album on Cling-Film Records with someone I've never heard of, a few tracks under her own name that appeared on compilations... and that's it! This biz-card CDR came out in 2002. It's taken you longer to read this paragraph than it will to listen to the music.

Laura Maes - Czela


Anonymous,  30 August 2019 at 11:14  

Lovely, thanks you

Anonymous,  31 August 2019 at 17:09