Black Leather Jesus / MSBR - Sonic Destruction

A stellar old-school Black Leather Jesus line-up featuring Richard Ramirez, David Gilden, Herman Lin, Josh Gaudet, Rick Bailey and Ryan Hunt ... and the small matter of Molten Salt Breeder Reactor on the reverse.

It was only in the prep for this post that I realised that Mr R has very recently reissued this as a tape of only 25 copies that has the entire LP on one side followed by everything being reworked by the man himself on the reverse. He has one for sale. In a past life, I would have already bought it but my country is going down the shitter so I'm hunkering down. If you buy that tape on the basis of this ... send me a rip so I can use it as a soundtrack for the pending civil war?

LP released on Deadline Recordings in 1995.

Sonic Destruction


Chuck Josselyn 30 August 2019 at 00:48  

Thank you!I hadn't heard these before. Love Ramirez, quality and quantity. Kudos!

Anonymous,  30 August 2019 at 15:10  

Thanks a lot.