va - Nature is Perverse

Sonic documentation of the three-day "Nature Is Perverse" festival, which took place in Stockholm in 1998, released by Fylkingen as a double CD in 2000. The set includes music by Dror Fieler, Kapotte Muziek, Voice Crack, Zbigniew Karkowski, Small Cruel Party, Mikael Stavostrand, Farmers Manual, Kent Tankred, Leif Elggren, Goem, Mats Lindstrom, Tetsuo Furudate, Soren Runolf, Thomas Liljenberg and Freundschaft.

disc 1
disc 2


Euclid 17 April 2019 at 13:37  

Hi thanks so much for the upload but I keep getting "403 forbidden" when I click on the link. Is this a problem at my end or is the link down?

badgerstump 17 April 2019 at 16:11  

yr in the UK

read the UK 403 post

Euclid 18 April 2019 at 11:26  

D'oh! Guess this is another element of our government's crackdown on internet usage. Found a workaround easily though. Thanks again dude :)