Biota / Mnemonists - Musique Actuelle 1990

"On 11 November 1990, Biota-Mnemonists performed a commissioned work in four movements live at Montréal Musiques Actuelles - New Music America. This was the first Mnemonists project since Gyromancy (1983). The performance integrated large-screen video imagery with the music. This recording represents the complete composition as commissioned. It was compiled from the live performance and the dry run immediately prior to the concert. All sounds were generated and processed from acoustical sources, with the exception of electric guitars and bass. No prerecorded samples/tapes, electronic synthesizers, nor sequencers were employed during the performance. Consistent with the intent to bring the studio process to a live setting, this recording was mixed by the group from stage."

CD released on Anomalous Records in 2004.

Musique Actuelle 1990


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