Biota - Tumble

If Louisiana was in the desert and you wandered into a random town where everybody dressed the same and nobody looked at you ... this would pass as traditional music. Until you realised that it was all played by a twelve-armed David Lynch with a giant eyeball as a head (wearing a top hat at a jaunty angle obviously!).

CD released on ReR Megacorp in 1989. It's in flac, get over it.



lizzer Joanie Jool,  7 April 2019 at 14:53  

Flac is straight from the fridge, cats & kittens.

Robert Gomez 8 April 2019 at 05:04  

An extraordinary album, I'm sure I've listened to it 20 or 30 times but I still can't guess what is going to happen from one moment to the next.

Anonymous,  16 April 2019 at 06:56  

Thanks for this, I'd never heard of this band they are amazing, I secretly like accordions so my guilt has an outlet here. It's kind of weird easy listening, at least for me and nothing wrong with flac, being a bit-snob is worse.

kevinesse 18 April 2019 at 10:52  

these biota uploads have been really great, thank you. Any plans for more, or from mnemonists?