Tea Culture - Tesco's Shopping in Sainsbury's Bags

Mid-90's (?) album of weirdo collage nonsense by Phil Todd (aka the psychedelic superhero responsible for Ashtray Navigations, Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers, Anna Planeta, and many more) and Joincey (aka Wagstaff, Coits, many other sub-sub-underground noise/wtf "groups" related to Mr. Todd), released as a CDR on a label called Arsybackwardzsod!, which seems to only have existed to foist some Tea Culture upon an uncaring world. All titles were named with little pictures, just like on "Hairway to Steven".

Tea Culture - Tesco's Shopping in Sainsbury's Bags


GRK. 24 December 2018 at 12:36  

TYVM! And Happy Crim.

The Honorable Reverend Addison Bortion 24 December 2018 at 21:06  

Amazing stuff! I Especially like the Hairway to Steven reference~