Noggin / Eric Boros / Crank Sturgeon and Id M Theft Able - Untitled

Three untitled Noggin improvs, 19 minutes of live Eric Boros diced and spliced from a Japanese tour ... and ... drum-roll please ... Matt Anderson and Skot Able! Some crazy fucker (aka genius) let them loose in a studio to broadcast live on the radio. Hurrah! It's utterly brilliant and the image of some meth-head / truck driver / soccer mom accidentally tuning in just makes it even better.

If you ever thought Crank Sturgeon, Kommissar Hjuler, Rudolf, Id M Theft Able, Joke and dp were isolated lunatics then stand corrected. Hand your children over, the revolution started years ago and the war was won whilst you were sleeping. Resistance is so yesterday. Accept your destiny ...

... and then jump all over this and this.

CD released on Manufracture in 2006.

HELLO ... it's Crank Sturgeon and Id M Theft Able. Yeah, in the same room. Yeah, live. Oh, for fuck's sake just get on with it.


badgerstump 9 December 2018 at 11:22  

Just realised that the link was missing ...