Various - Sensory Deprivation

Contagious Orgasm, Salt, Sudden Infant, Ryuta Noguchi's great but limited Rabbit Eyes Rising and three tracks by somebody in London who's imagination stretched as far as calling himself "E" and some bedroom industrial / EBM style water treading. This has some great stuff included but also some really generic "ideas" and suffers from the year it was released. Apparently not all came with the Japanese rope bondage booklet so that'll compensate you then.

C60 released on SSSM ‎in 1991.

Sensory Deprivation


SLIME WITH WORMS 28 January 2019 at 03:12  

Hi there...excellent blog. Just wanted to say, if you care, "E" = Evil Moisture. The original idea was to change the name of the band (beginning with the letter "E") for each release, but the band name I sent them got disregarded for that track listing. It might possibly have been due to Yamatsuka EyE deciding to call me "E" both in correspondance and a couple of times he wrote about my work at around the same time in a magazine called Remix.