Sudden Infant - Twilight Sleep

Twilight Sleep as a medical phenomena is a bizarre tale indeed. There was an understandable desire to lessen the pain of childbirth but a proportion of the medical establishment in Germany just had to take it to it's extreme. Women were administered Morphine and Scopolamine (derived from Henbane as in the Nightshade family of plants ... that's right, the deadly family ... and when used illicitly is known as The Devil's Breath). The latter induces amnesia so rather than a pain free birth, those women simply didn't remember the pain. Instead, most were sent into totally disinhibited psychotic states where they would attack themselves and others to the point where they had to be tied up or otherwise restrained. Unsurprisingly, the babies were born stupefied if not comatose or worse. Nevertheless, the monied American elite embraced the ideas and practice for a while. That shouldn't be too much of a surprise given that the theory of "Social Eugenics" was very popular in America until Hitler mechanized it and it became slightly less popular to discuss at dinner parties.

I'm assuming that Joke had this "Twilight" in mind given the semi-soporific psychotic nightmare he released as a C60 released on Soja-Sauce Bolognese in 2008.

Twilight Sleep