Mnemonist Orchestra - Untitled

Only album by the shadowy Mnemonist Orchestra, of Boulder Colorado, self-released in 1979 on the band's Dys label. The group would soon morph into Mnemonists, with overlap in band members. Later, they would separate into two different parts for making music and visual art, with the music-making half calling themselves Biota and the visual-art makers retaining the Mnemonists name. 

Mnemonist Orchestra - Untitled


Anonymous,  27 November 2018 at 15:35  

Many thanks - this is fantastic

John Herdt 3 January 2020 at 20:45  

I played guitar on the first two Mnemonist Orchestra albums. I have a Mnemonist Orchestra page on my Rampant Zone site but I need to update and refine it. The albums were recorded in Fort Collins, Colorado. Most of us were Colorado State University students and music department teachers. The first album was recorded live at the radio station, the second was recorded by overdubbing in the engineer's bomb shelter. Both albums were heavily edited by Bill Sharp after their recording sessions were finished.