Hirsche Nichts Aufs Sofa - Im Schatten Der Möhre

Oh boy. This album's reissue reminds me of a kid whose parents are having a terrible divorce and forcing her to choose a side. The lysergic and intricately tape-mangled concrete music was released as an LP in 1987... then a limited CDR with handmade artwork... and then it was reissued as a pressed CD by both Streamline and DOM at the same time. Ugh. What a mess! Streamline's version presented the album as is, with each side in its entirety as a single track. DOM's version broke up the sides into separate songs and then added seven more bonus tracks. This is the DOM version. Includes outtakes, demo versions, and a song called "Golden Years" (hmmm.....), described by Flaam as "Fun from a VERY early cassette".  Whether or not it can rightfully be called "fun" is up to you.

Hirsche Nichts Aufs Sofa - Im Schatten Der Möhre


seas 23 June 2018 at 23:42  

Thank you so much ! Overlooked band, all H.N.A.S releases are terribly hard to find, I hope the rest of their fabulous disco will follow when you have time and desire to post them.