Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa - Willkür Nach Noten

HNAS' final album is hardly anyone's favorite. But it is MINE! Recorded in 1992 and released as a CD in 1993, it's clearly the sound of the band breaking apart. The goofy tape collage of Achim P. Li Khan and the crystalline drone textures of Christoph Heemann and his Michael-Hedges-worshipping brother Andreas Martin no longer blur together; instead, they sound like two completely different albums mixed together at random. Seeing as the band was poised to call it a day, that could be exactly what happened! This is Achim's album and Christoph's album, side by side and sometimes overlapping. It almost doesn't work. But that awkward quality is precisely what I love about "Willkur Nach Noten"! It's so bizarre and uncomfortable and stubborn that it ends up unique. This is my favorite HNAS album.

Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa - Willkür Nach Noten


dyav,  27 June 2018 at 13:31  

Thanks for all the HNAS!

It's hard to pick a favo(u)rite. My vote would probably go to the DOM reissue of Im Schatten Der Möhre but all the ones you've posted here are great.

Anonymous,  28 June 2018 at 09:51  

Great Stuff! May You post "Kuttel in frost" cd edition? Amazing. M