va - The Arbitrary Nature of Meaning

I've always enjoyed this album. A disjointed compilation that, improbably, holds together in the end. Music by Illusion of Safety, Big City Orchestra, Smersh, Dead His Name is Alive, Princess Dragon-Mom, Paul Lemos & Joe Papa (of Controlled Bleeding), Con Demek, Simon Wickham-Smith & A Band, UMVUE, Lot 49, Randy Grief, Automaticity, and Basic Noise. You've heard of some of those names, others left hardly a mark. As a listen from start to finish, though, this 1994 CD from Isomorphic Records beats the odds and is quite entertaining.

va - The Arbitrary Nature of Meaning


Anonymous,  9 March 2018 at 19:13  

Thank You! Do You have any more compilations with Randy Greif on it? bestness - M

Anonymous,  12 March 2018 at 13:01