Controlled Bleeding & Dive - Night Shadows

A split CD featuring a roughly equal amount of music both Controlled Bleeding and Belgian artist Dive, former singer with Absolute Body Control and The Klinik whose cringingly terrible lyrics have always prevented me from fully embracing his machine noise. Here's a sample (not taken from this album):
I'm caught in the web of your lies
Strangled by the look of his eyes
The eyes of someone who cries
The eyes of someone who dies 
Jesus fucking christ. Did an adult really write those words down, take time to sing them into a microphone with musical accompaniment, then reproduce the resulting song and several more like it on an album without feeling something like crippling shame? Which record label heard these lyrics and thought, "Yeah, that's pretty good. Let's invest our money into producing a thousand copies of this album. People will enjoy this." Someone must have bought that album, encouraging poor Dirk Ivens (Mister Dive) to drool out more lyrics of this quality on more albums full of similarly pitiable wank. Why did one of Dirk's friends not sit him down and try to convince him to maybe make instrumental music instead? Who would spend any amount of money on this pathetic first-draft-of-a-sad-diary-entry-from-elementary-school garbage?

Sadly, I did. I'm not proud to admit it, but it is true. But only because the great Controlled Bleeding took up half of this compact disc. It was released by the Portuguese label Fast Forward (who also put out a compilation CD that I like very much, and might post here someday) in 1996. 

Controlled Bleeding & Dive - Night Shadows


Anonymous,  14 February 2018 at 18:33  

ha ha ha, you made my day (...again), thx

Plague 14 February 2018 at 23:52  

I always hated them for the same reason