Various - The Ultimate Lessons 3

... and to continue the what the fuck is going on theme ... look away now!

Let's face it, the corporate bastards killed sample based music. What you end up with is fuckwits using the likes of Police samples and Annie soundtracks. Yeah. It makes ultra-millions. It's the literal death of creativity and it can kiss my ringpiece. When the impeccable Rawkus was sold to the corporates I just gave up. I tend not to bother posting this kind of thing ... I mean, really, who needs an ass popped in their cap? However ...

This isn't the best of the three but it's pretty great. DJ Format (go and get the free downloads with Mr Thing aka Marc Bowles who was also in the impeccable Scratch Perverts), Kid Koala (aka Eric San who is also a very talented graphic artist ... check out Nufonia Must Fall if you don't believe me), Coldcut and many others ...

"Unofficial" release on Starchild Recordings from 2003.

The Ultimate Lessons 3


GRK. 14 March 2017 at 01:40  

Cheers for the beats!