va - Hoisting The Black Flag

"Hoisting the Black Flag", released by United Dairies in 1980, is one of the cornerstone documents of early industrial music. Nurse With Wound is on it, of course (I believe that for the first part of the decade, anyone releasing an experimental music compilation was legally obligated to include a piece by either Nurse With Wound, Bene Gessirit or Smersh). There are also two early songs by Whitehouse, one by the indescribable Lemon Kittens, David Cross (not the guy from Mr. Show), Truth Club (an early band featuring Robert Haigh, who would later make records as Sema and Omni Trio), Mental Aardvarks, and the duo of Paul Hamilton and Joseph Duarte (who recorded one LP and a 7" as Bombay Ducks).

va - Hoisting The Black Flag


W. 25 March 2017 at 09:56  

Keep them coming - these obscure compilations are awesome (challenging, yes, but still great).

Many thanks...