Plastikman - Spastik

There used to be an old Irish club in Manchester. In the middle of a big patch of wasteland behind the Uni. No doubt it was a thriving place when the old Hulme deck access flats were there. Don't even get me started on The Kitchen and the other flats that were knocked through into one ... and the squat parties.

Anyway, when it was all demolished The New Ardri Ballroom stood lonely and proud... I saw Sonic Youth there on the Sister tour, Fugazi the first time they came over and blah blah. In the early 90's, Megadog took it over for regular techno happenings ... just about everybody played there and the only people who turned up and "paid on the door" were fuck ups like me. Great times indeed. The students eventually found out it was "an event". The venue changed. It all died. The Ballroom is long gone and ironically it's been replaced by student accommodation.

The bitter reminiscence of an old fart? You read me well. But given we are diverted into pant-swinging territory ...

Classic 12" from Richie Hawtin's Plastikman released on NovaMute in 1993.


... and this is the rare (probably remastered) 12" re-released on Plus 8 Records in 2002 that replaces Helicopter with Slak/Kriket (Live).

Spastik again