Jim O'Rourke, Akira Sakata, Yoshimio - ハ行 [Hagyou]

Recorded live at the Shinjuku Pit Inn, Tokyo in 2006 and released on B.J.L. in 2008.



Rory,  6 November 2014 at 11:24  

Am I right to think that Yoshimio is another name of Yoshimi from Boredoms?

badgerstump 6 November 2014 at 22:14  

Yes...and Free Kitten, UFO Or Die, OOIOO and so on...

Anonymous,  8 November 2014 at 18:06  

this is my favourite of the trio.
great! it reminds something by painkiller but more atmospheric. great and great!

Certifiablockhead 11 March 2015 at 09:15  

alright, this's the stuff...