Hijokaidan starring Miku Hatsune - Hatsune-Kaidan

Miku Hatsune only exists on a literally technical basis. She is one of Crypton's characters in their Vocaloid voice synthesizer program. J-Pop Noise Hijokaidan stlye? It really shouldn't work but it does! Well, frankly, Hijokaidan can do what the hell they like!

This was released on U-Rythmix Records in 2013. The label is the sister of Tsukasa Takahashi's ("shit, why don't I have an indefinite amount of money so I can buy everything that they release") Youth Inc.

Hatsune Kaidan are now a "real" project with at least three releases under that name.


This is what I assume is a bootleg recording. It features two Hatsune Kaidan events and Hijo/Akira laying waste to all around them with live versions of tracks from the Made In Studio album.

Live at Akihabara Goodman, February 2nd 2013


communist,  8 November 2014 at 21:24  

thank you so much

Anonymous,  9 November 2014 at 17:03  

Someone, please, explain to me why this became as popular as it did. Okay, aside from the fact it's a mashup of two artists from completely different backgrounds...because we've totally never seen that before... but come on, it's just j-pop songs with inappropriate noise hooks or noise tracks with superfluous, short monologues in japanese. This merger was completely unnecessary and the results are subpar, and yet people eat this shit up. Why? I'd understand if people got excited for it when it was announced, just to listen to it out of curiosity as I did, but there's nothing substantial here, no fathomable reason why anyone would continue to listen after they spot the obvious gimmick. It tries to please j-pop and noise fans and pleases neither- well, it didn't please me, at any rate. Again, there's a few parts that are kind of fascinating, but there's nothing here to suggest it needs to be done again. Why, just, WHY?

badgerstump 9 November 2014 at 17:14  

erm...two artists from completely different backgrounds?

It's Hijokaidan using a vocal synthesizer program...so, erm one set of artists from exactly the same background.

I don't think that it tries to please anybody. Fans of J-Pop would run to the hills!

I'm pleased that you find some parts fascinating but confused that you would take so long to disprove your own argument...

Why, just WHY?

Why not?

Anonymous,  12 November 2014 at 17:57