Jazz Hijokaidan ‎- Made In Japan - Live At Shinjuku Pit Inn, 9th April 2012

Jojo Hiroshige, Fumio Kosakai, Toshiji Mikawa, Sabu Toyozumi and Junko with Akira Sakata and it's live! Ridiculously great and to quote a track from the magnificent Hijokaidan 35th Anniversary Album released this year: "Noise Is Jazz, Jazz Is Noise".

... and I've got to admit, I love the riff on the old Deep Purple cover on this and the previous post ... the fact that they are a doff of the cap to Jon Lord makes these even more special ...

If you bought both of them on mail order and were one of the first 300 then you also got this! In my financially straightened times, I wasn't one of them ... anybody out there have it?

Does anybody really need any convincing?

Made In Japan


Anonymous,  6 November 2014 at 04:35  

Sweet sounds.....unrelated to this but can you post the Projectile afterbirth 'Hats off to Larry'ep? I have the vinyl but no turntable...it was a project of Lee Callaghan, the brain behind Stench of Corpse, Sex for Ollie, Flap etc....

Anonymous,  8 November 2014 at 18:02  

all those hijokaidan are massive!
thanks, really!

Bernie 23 March 2016 at 17:57  

Thank you very much!