You need a Weed Temple!

I'm not sure how long Jakub Adamek has been linked up with our blog. I do know that he has appeared on the left hand of our front page for a very long time. Having personally come very close to walking away and deleting this blog because of seemingly unbearable life events, we want you to support him.

"Dear Readers, the time has come when I have to suspend the activity of Weed Temple until further notice.

The last few months have been exceptionally difficult both in terms of personal life and managing Weed Temple. The months between April and June have created some sort of bad luck triumvirate, each of these events was bad of their own, but together they formed a sort of a tsunami wave that just drowned me relentlessly. First, I lost my job. Then, I lost my father (fuck you, cancer). Finally, I broke up with my fiancee with whom I’ve spent almost five years. I need some time to clear things up and get over it.

I’ll be selling (or trading) some tapes and CD’s in order to make ends meet. Most of them are in mint condition. Keep an eye out for a full list that will be published soon."

Even if there is nothing that you want to buy, pass on some positivity!