The Glands of External Secretion - Demonstrate Congo Bob's Epic Saliva Torture

This is a single sided 7" single that amply demonstrates that size doesn't matter! There are only two tracks. The first is a rendition of the John Lennon scripted "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away". Put simply, it is stunning. Depending on my mood it makes me either sing at the top of my voice or cry like a baby. The second track is a slanted and enchanted Pussy Galore vs Stooges affair and ordinarily I would love that too ... but nothing could sit next to the first track and survive!

The Glands were Barbara Manning (and, frankly, everything that she recorded is wonderful) alongside Seymour Glass (founder of the Bananafish magazine). This was released on the latter's Starlight Furniture Co. in 1992.

Congo Bob