Vomir - Le Mur Bruitiste Est Non Programmable, Il A Une Fonction Heuristique: Il Révèle; Il Ne Représente Pas: Il Présente

Last year, there was news of a planned Vomir release which was to be called A Day Of Seclusion. This would have been / will be a very apt title given that it would involve a sixteen C90 boxset. Yeah, you read the previous sentence correctly: 24 hours of Romain Perrot's glorious Harsh Noise Wall! Surely, that would open up a black hole and destroy us all ...

Whilst we wait for that delightful end to all things, here is a boxset that was released on Anarcho Freaks Production in an edition of only 20 copies in 2012. This is a magnificent ten C90 set that (obviously) clocks in at 15 hours of quality HNW.

The label blog seems to have gone quiet recently but you can check the Bandcamp page whilst we wait for an update.

Tape One
Tape Two
Tape Three
Tape Four
Tape Five
Tape Six
Tape Seven
Tape Eight
Tape Nine
Tape Ten