Social Junk - Champs '06

This is a CDr released on Ranky Tanky at the tail end of 2005.

Social Junk were (presumably) at their core Heather Nicole Young and Noah Anthony. Their history is a mystery but there were obviously other people involved.

I'm rather shamefaced about not posting Social Junk before ... thanks to Tom for posting the Give Up tape and asking for some more Junk to be made available. I have a mountain of Social Junk so maybe this will be the start of me pulling my finger out (?).

Oh, and I meant to say that whilst the Junk journey is apparently over Spleencoffin have recently re-released the Renewal tape on vinyl!

Champs '06


Anonymous,  20 May 2014 at 16:44  

not bad.
born into it
is my favourite