Hermann Kopp - Nekronology

I'm no gorehound, but Mr. Inside sure is. There are some old movies on VHS tapes in our apartment that the boy and his friends watch over and over, but I have to leave the room when they do. "Nekromantik" and "Der Todesking" are two of those movies. So gross. The soundtracks to those movies, though, are wonderful! They were recorded by a guy called Hermann Kopp, who has been making creepy synth music (some of it reminding me of Die Form's earliest tapes, or maybe even The Residents at their most icky) since 1981. This CD collects music made for both "Nekromantik" films (yes, they made a sequel!) and "Der Todesking". If Slaughter Productions or Old Europa Cafe float your boat, this this gothic horror will keep you in good cheer until next Halloween. 

Hermann Kopp - Nekronology


Anonymous,  5 May 2014 at 21:25  

Wowow! I am a gorehoundhead too, like and your mister, and i will listen this with great pleasure! Thanx! Nekromantik is not neuromantik, he is real romantik. Imho.


Anonymous,  8 May 2014 at 16:20  


Anonymous,  9 May 2014 at 10:17  

The music's nice, can't say that about Nekromantik I though (the only Buttgereit film I've seen).

Mrs. Inside 10 May 2014 at 18:15  

I regret the one time I looked at the screen when Nekromantik was playing. YUCK! Won't do that again. I have no idea how the hubby enjoys that stuff, and frankly I don't want to know. However, the music is indeed nice!