Odal - Positiv Soundsculptures

Another bit of very early Odal noise from 1986, this tape came out on one of Peter Zincken's BloedvlagProdukt imprint. I'm not sure what the relationship was between Bloedvlag and Nihilistic. They might have been separate labels, or a sub-label, or... who knows.

Odal - Positiv Soundsculptures


Unknown 5 March 2014 at 04:55  

Very thanks for Odal's posts!!!:)

пол 5 March 2014 at 04:58  

Great thanks for Odal's posts!!!:)

Peter Tron 6 March 2014 at 01:50  

i found out i had lost all my omit lp's, but then i found them all on here!
thank god for you!

i don't suppose you have 'transfusions' and 'deteriorations' at all?

i have 5 out of the 11 compilation tracks listed on discogs.
i will send you them if you like?

Mrs. Inside 12 March 2014 at 01:18  

Hi Peter. I don't have those two Omit titles, sorry. Badger, do you?

As for the compilation tracks, yes please! Maybe we can track down the ones you're missing and post a complete set. Thank you!

Peter Tron 12 March 2014 at 15:49  

i've located all of them, apart from the 'neon signs' cassette.
it might be on my old mac hd, but that needs to be extracted from my old mac, which is in the loft.
i've emailed the guy who originally posted the link, as we used to chat quite a bit back in the day.
hopefully he will get back to me soon.
as for that 'rrr 500' locked grooved comp. good luck with that, as it is one of 500 2-3 sec locked grooves on one lp! i have it, but is it worth it?