Lassigue Bendthaus - The Engineers Love

This is the beginning of Uwe Schmidt's hyper-prolific career as a solo artist. Starting out in the industrial disco band Pornotanz with a tape that came out in 1986, Schmidt produced this cassette of cold, heavy synthesizer tunes a couple of years later for the NG Median label. It would be the first time he used the name Lassigue Bendthaus, which would later be applied to more melodic and insanely detailed albums such as Matter and his masterpiece, Render. It's when Schmidt fully embraced techno and ambient music that his productivity exploded, with work appearing under tons more "band" names (Bitniks, VSVN, Almost DigitalSeñor Coconut, Urban Primitivism, Lisa Carbon, etc etc), all produced by his pseudonym Atom Heart or Atom(tm).  


Anonymous,  16 March 2014 at 19:22  

love that crazy stuff!